inlingua School of Languages

Overview of the Enrolment Procedure

For courses exceeding 4 weeks, students will enter into a Standard Student Contract (SSC) with the school. Overseas students studying longer than 4 weeks are required to study full-time (25 or 35 hours per week) and apply for a Student Pass. The Security Deposit (if required and indicated in the IPA letter) will be furnished in the form of a Banker’s Guarantee (BG). Fee Protection Scheme (FPS) Premium will be advised during the application process and payable by the students together with the course fees.

Security Deposit in the form of a Banker’s Guarantee

Country Rate per Person
People's Republic of China, India, Bangladesh and Myanmar
Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines
Others (e.g. from Europe, America, Oceania, Japan, ROC, Korea, CIS, Vietnam, etc.)
No Security Deposit required for students from Malaysia and Brunei.

Note: inlingua offers services to assist students in obtaining the BG. However, students may also obtain a BG directly from any bank regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) on their own.