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Maxi (25 hours/week)
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Check out our customised Corporate Training Programmes in 17 languages:
We offer Individual Tuition in 17 languages. Please enrol here. Existing students, book your lessons here.
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Examination Preparatory Course are offered on an Individual Tuition and Closed Group Tuition basis. Find out more about our exam preparation courses:
Inlingua now offers high quality remote and blended learning opportunities. Learning from home, on the bus, during break time, at the library or in another country with our live Virtual Classroom and English immersion software.

What our students are saying

... (I) took three courses in Korean and was very satisfied with the methodology and the material given. Lessons are very interactive with role plays and fun activities...


Global English Speech Contest 2019

  • Open to students 8 - 16 years of age
  • Students just need to record a 2-minute speech using laptop or mobile on the topic 'Why my school is the best'
  • Purpose is to get students to articulate their ideas and thinking in English, a very vital skill in the marketplace
  • Registration and details can be obtained online at
  • Registration ends 18 April 2019
  • Lots and lots of prizes to be won
Healthcare Communication

Healthcare Language Courses

inlingua is now the long-term training provider with AIC in offering language courses to healthcare professionals! Be equipped to communicate and build rapport with your patients in Hokkien, Cantonese, Indonesian, Malay, Chinese and English.  Email us to find out more.

Learn a language FOC !!!

Sign up for the E1M1 (very basic) part-time course for $350 only in 2019.  Apply your SkillsFuture Credit on top of it and you are essentially learning a language for FREE !!!
Don't miss on this unbeatable deal..  Sign up for a class today!

IELTS Preparatory Course

We offer IELTS preparatory courses if your goal is to get into university or to migrate to an English-speaking country.  Our knowledgeable teachers will help you prepare for the proficiency test with language instruction, test-taking strategies and mock tests. 


Holiday Courses for Young Learners

Send your children to safe and secure Singapore to immerse in either Chinese or English language classes while you holiday in Singapore. Our friendly teachers helm these classes where learning is interwoven with exciting games, play and the occasional outdoor activity. 

Dutch Courses

Start your language journey with simple conversational Dutch in our new Dutch part-time courses. And then progress further into our MVV preparatory course that will immerse you further into Dutch culture and society for a better overall appreciation of the Netherlands and to equip you better to do the MVV examination.