inlingua School of Languages

Academic Advisory Board

The inlingua School of Languages in Singapore has an Academic Advisory Board to ensure the quality of our teaching programmes. The Board is composed of a group of 5 highly qualified individuals with many years of experience working in the Education Field in different countries around the world.

The Board gives the school a global perspective on educational matters and invaluable advice about how our teaching systems in Singapore respond to global educational needs on a macro level. 

Mr Graham Sage
(Chairman of Academic Advisory Board)

Education Université de Strasbourg, France, Lic.- ès-Lettres (Lettres Modernes)

University of Oxford, England, BA Honours (Modern Languages), MA (Oxon)
Experience Former Managing Director of the inlingua School of Languages in Singapore which he opened in 1974. 

He has been involved in language training for more than 35 years in France, Singapore and China, and is Honorary Advisor to Sichuan University Press, Chengdu, China, involved in publishing textbooks in different languages for Chinese students.

Mr Jürg Heiniger

Education University of Applied Sciences, Bern, Switzerland (Economist, main field Banking)

University of Bern, Switzerland, Post Graduate studies in Marketing Management
Experience President of The Board of inlingua International Ltd, Bern, Switzerland, since 2002 and CEO of inlingua International Ltd since 1998. 

He is fluent in 5 European languages and prior to joining the inlingua organisation had experience in banking and marketing with some major Swiss companies.

Dr Chantal Serrière

Education Université de Strasbourg, France, Lic.- ès-Lettres, maîtrise (Lettres Modernes)

Université de Lyon, France, DEA (Linguistique)

Université de Lille, France, Doctorat (Sciences de la Communication)
Experience From 1978 to 2000 she worked as an Expert in the teaching of French as a Foreign Language and was sent by the French Ministry of Education and Ministry of Foreign Affairs as Education Advisor for Primary, Secondary and Tertiary level Government Institutions in different countries in French-speaking Africa, Denmark and Italy. 

Since 2001, she has been involved in organizing and delivering Creative Writing Workshops in different countries around the world, (New Zealand, Austria, France, and Italy).

Mr Ian Harrison

Education University of Oxford, England, BA Honours (Modern Languages)

University of Wales, UK, PGCE (French/English as a Second Language)

University of Leeds, England, MA (Linguistics and English Language Teaching)
Experience From 1996 to 2007 he worked as Chief Inspector (English Curriculum) Ministry of Education, Sultanate of Oman. 

Prior to that, he was Curriculum and Training Advisor and Project Director for various English training programmes for Ministries of National Education and different universities in Oman, Japan, Saudi-Arabia, Cameroon, Zaire and Poland.

Mr Huang Xinlu

Education Sichuan University, China BSc (Chemical Machinery Engineering), Postgraduate studies in Chemical Engineering
Experience He is currently Editor in Chief of the Foreign Language Department of Sichuan University Press. 

Prior to taking up his present position he held a Professor’s post in the Chemical Engineering Department of Sichuan University, and spent some years studying and undertaking research in Tokyo. He was also appointed as an Educational Advisor for Overseas Studies in Sichuan University’s Foreign Language Intensive Training Centre where he worked for three years.