Corporate Affairs Executive

If you are committed to your clients and have great organisational skills, you’ve found the right job for you!

You will:

  • Manage client accounts (e.g. maintain relationships, manage and monitor contractual deliverables from pre-course to post-course implementation stage, survey satisfaction, prepare reports, etc.)
  • Promote business development (e.g. identify opportunities, market and customize products and services, make offers and proposals, create collaterals, negotiate contracts, maintain public relations, etc.)
  • Manage course runs (e.g. prepare course documents, set up course venues, distribute course materials, survey satisfaction, etc.)
  • Plan and coordinate course schedules (e.g. plan and timetable courses, disseminate information, select venues, assign teachers, etc.)
  • Manage student academic processes and procedures (e.g. monitor attendance, complete transfers/withdrawals/deferments, manage assessment records, reports and awards, etc.)
  • Support academic development (e.g. assist in the design and development of courses, materials, assessment, etc.)

We’re looking for someone with:

  • Diploma / Degree or equivalent.
  • Work experience in office, service or retail (preferable)
  • Excellent command of English and one other language (preferable)
  • Extroverted with excellent communication skills
  • IT skills