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Have you ever achieved a business goal but sacrificed a relationship? Our workshops will help you practise communication techniques that not only help you achieve your goals but create better working relationships. 
These general business courses are useful to anyone interested in using targeted language and techniques to work more effectively with clients, partners, employees and other stakeholders. 
Our writing courses -- which encompass  business reports, emails, crisis response, electronic and social media best practices, etc. -- will help your writing be clear, compelling and impactful.

Our speaking and presentation skills courses will help you harness your voice and other strengths so you always speak in a way that helps you get what you want.

Click on any of the options below and begin your journey to communicating effectively.


Business Development and Occupational Training Language Courses

Cross-Cultural Awareness Training

The Cross-Cultural Awareness training course is a programme created for companies with inter-cultural teams who need to understand the role that cultural values play in the global workplace. It is designed to let participants understand their own culture as well as a different one and anticipate cultural misunderstandings before they become a problem.


Global Leadership Training

The Global Leadership Training programme is designed to provide the young leaders of tomorrow with a course consisting of interactive and practical tasks that tackle the key issues faced by global leaders today and in the future. The objective is to develop the skills needed in a global market and understand cross-cultural differences. 

Retail Business Language

This course incorporates sales strategies, persuasive language and psychology to understand customers needs and engage them effectively. Students will practice real-life dialogues and become more confident working with customers. It is available for any of 13 languages offered.

Chinese and Malay for Healthcare

Learn Hokkien, Mandarin or Malay to communicate better with patients. This course is well adapted to healthcare professionals of any level that would like to identify symptoms properly and communicate actions to be taken and treatments in an appropriate manner.


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