inlingua School of Languages

Digital and Blended Learning

Practise language anytime, anywhere with our digital language learning programme.

Inlingua now offers high quality remote and blended language learning opportunities from your personal electronic devices. Continue language learning from home, on the bus, during break time, at the library or in another country with our live Virtual Classroom and English immersion software.

Modern Language Technology

Thanks to language technology, our blended learning materials reinforce language skills out of the classroom anytime, anywhere from a variety of different devices. Students can get access to a live, virtual inlingua teacher, review difficult topics, practise grammar and vocabulary drills online, and even improve their listening and speaking skills with recordings and voice recognition.

inlingua Digital Learning system
  • Flexible self-guided learning and online classes provide students with more personalized language reinforcement.

  • Materials available are offered for a variety of levels (from introductory to advanced). Digital occupational language training is also offered in business English and aviation English.

  • Quality language learning that meets inlingua’s standards of teaching, with a focus on skills that will serve students in their daily lives and prepare them to receive professional qualifications.

  • We monitor your progress and certify your language ability as you improve.

Virtual Classroom

This online platform offers flexible, live classes with inlingua trained teachers. Students that prefer to study from home or need the flexibility to study wherever, whenever now have access to our internationally recognised inlingua teaching method.

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DynEd English Learning Software

This software, developed for ESL learners in the U.S., is an internationally recognised English teaching system for download on students' personal devices and provides self-guided learning from the first day of class that certifies progress as students learn.

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DynEd English Online Learning Promotion

Get the full remote English learning experience with the combined inlingua Virtual Classroom and DynEd software package. Live classes with our inlingua teachers are reinforced week by week with the DynEd learning activities and voice recognition software.
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