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With over 13 million active users, DynEd is one of the most widely recognised digital American English language teaching (ELT/ESL) platforms. A variety of levels, age appropriate coursework and vocational materials make it well adapted to any English learner. It teaches learners according to their needs, intelligently adapting itself to learners while certifying your level of understanding at every step.

A multitude of visual and audio tools mimic the classroom teaching environment and making online English learning fun and interactive. Speech recognition software allows students to correct their speaking and pronunciation to a higher degree of accuracy.

We currently offer DynEd as a supplemental learning tool for students interested in pre-course learning, language reinforcement during their English class, or post-course practice. It is especially recommended for those hoping to master an American style pronunciation. DynEd can be downloaded to a personal device or used on one of the tablets available through our school.

About DynEd

Get Certified!

Whether you are trying to improve your English communication skills for higher studies or to advance your career, DynEd English offers well-structured progression pathways and International English Fluency Certification!

Check out the DynEd International Certification and Professional Plan brochure for more information!

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Computer, Mobile and Tablet Friendly

DynEd is equally well adapted to computer, tablet and smartphone. All DynEd activities are available through downloadable software and apps that are available offline from a personal device. Results are regularly updated online to allow you to follow your progress and present a certification of your language level to international testing services, schools, or potential employers.


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Blended Learning Programme

Get the full remote English learning experience with the combined inlingua Virtual Classroom and DynEd software package. Live classes with our inlingua teachers are reinforced week by week with the DynEd learning activities and voice recognition software.

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DynEd Courses

With one subscription, students may use any of the following DynEd courses depending on their age, skill level and learning goals. A placement test and speaking test is also included. As students progress through courses, DynEd automatically tracks their progress.

New Dynamic English consists of eight learning modules that progress learners from a basic understanding to advanced. Progress is recorded along the way and results can be viewed at any time. DynEd teaches through real life situations and people. It uses a range of visuals to teach in the most effective way, through direct language association rather than translation. Video dialogues offer students the opportunity to visualize language formation and practice their listening comprehension. In "The Lost Secret" students practice their listening and speaking skills with an entertaining, BBC-produced mystery series. Voice recognition software lets students practice speaking skills directly and correct their mistakes. First English, English for Success and other DynEd courses are developed specifically for younger learners. These programs focus on their experiences at school and teach English related to the core school subjects. This unit from New Dynamic English teaches environmental topics by representing the ideas directly with visuals. As students progress they are challenged to master increasingly complex topics. Topics and grammar are reinforced through interactive exercises, questions, listening exercises to give students a deep understanding of language that they can apply in their daily lives. Professional videos simulating the newsroom and recordings of high-quality college lectures give higher level students the ability to practice their technical English listening skills. Aviation English for Pilots and Cabin Crew Speaking Practice provides extra technical language skills for flight crews. Professional language development is also available through options like "English by the Numbers" which teaches how to report on and understand different kinds of data in English. English by the Numbers uses examples of real data sets to discuss and analyze topics like comparative life expectancy. Students are prepared to present their own data for scientific, educational or business purposes.

Choose from 12 courses that meet your needs. Click on the course to view more details.

View New Dynamic English brochure

A comprehensive English language course for young adults and adults that includes Placement Test, Mastery Tests, a sophisticated Records Management System, and helpful Teacher's Guides. 

View English For Success brochure

An award-winning, research-based, English language learning course for students who need to use English in the classroom with content areas like math, science, geography and history.

View First English brochure

This beginning English language learning course was designed specifically to help primary and high school students communicate successfully in a school environment.

View Aviation English For Pilots brochure

Get your pilots and flight crew on board with the English proficiency levels required by ICAO. DynEd's Aviation English reduces the time and cost it takes to get your international pilots fluent.

View Aviation English For Cabin Crew brochure

This speaking course was designed to train cabin crew on the English language skills they need to communicate effectively and clearly with passengers and airport staff.

View Hospitality English brochure

This course is geared towards professionals in the hotel and tourism industry. Students learn the job-specific and social skills they need to communicate effectively with customers.

View Clear Speech Works brochure

Designed by speech pathology experts, Clear Speech Works focuses on accurate pronunciation and is one of the keys to opening the door to clear, confident communication in English.

View Advanced Listening brochure

An award-winning course that features lectures from well-known Stanford University professors. The course develops listening strategies, vocabulary, and critical thinking in an academic setting.

View Dialogue brochure

Students have the opportunity to test their understanding of formal English in a real world context with
newsroom style listening activities on a variety of different topics.
View English By The Numbers

This course prepares students to make presentations involving numbers and graphs. Students learn to ask and answer questions about quantitative relationships. 
View Reading For Success brochure

Designed to develop academic reading skills and vocabulary for students ages 11-21, Reading for Success will continuously challenge learners with increasing text length and difficulty.
View The Lost Secret brochure

This breakthrough English language course provides listening and speaking tasks that motivate students to learn English in new ways. Originally filmed and published by BBC English.