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    My Chinese has (been) getting better and better, provide very helpful materials, also getting more motivated because my teacher was excellent! Thanks to inlingua!

    Ruby O | Part-Time Chinese Course | 

     Ke Qin is a great teacher, very friendly and really goes the extra mile for her students by thinking of ways we can improve ourselves outside class. She is not just a teacher but also a coach on how to speak more Mandarin! Ee all look forward to coming back each week to her class.

    Marieke E. | Part-Time Chinese Course | 

    Comprehensive teaching materials. Teachers are very patient and always ready to answer as many questions as required.

    Pallabi S. | Part-Time Chinese Course | 

     My 9-month- long Chinese course in Inlingua is now over. I dare say I have made a great improvement, because I started from the very beginning “ni hao”.

    I think great thing about learning Chinese in Inlingua is that you get to practice and review a lot. For me, memorizing new vocabularies always has been a problem in learning a new language. I felt that the materials that I learned in each lesson is just the right amount. I had enough time to digest the meaning and usages in class. This allowed me to have less pressure and prevented me from giving up learning Chinese. In fact, I think I may have developed more and more interest in them!

    Teachers put a lot of effort in making sure that students understand the materials. For instance, they review a lot and especially, make you to use the vocabularies, or structures to form a sentence. I think this really helped me to grasp the meaning and sometimes it made me realize that I actually did not understand it after all.

    In Inlingua, classes are not that big so that the students can get the appropriate amount of attention from the teachers. Smaller class, more attention from teachers, more chance of speaking and practicing!

    Last, but not least, the staffs at Inlingua are VERY nice and friendly. Also, I got as much help as a foreign full time student can get from the staffs. Staffs also occasionally arrange some events like barbeque party, or going on a walk, etc., which is a great chance of getting along with students in other classes.

    Overall, I am very satisfied with my experience in here.

    Thank you so much Inlingua!

    Chi Yeon K. | Full-Time Chinese Course |  

    I wanted to learn English and Chinese in a foreign country during my university's spring vacation for 2 months. So firstly, I chose Singapore. Then I searched (for a) language school and decided to learn at inlingua.

    There were many students from many countries. In my English class, students were from Spain, Poland, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea and Japan. It was my first time learn(ing) English with foreign people, the differences of culture and the way of thinking were really interesting. I found that foreign people (may) know about Japan better than me!!

    I learnt English for first 1 month, and I spent my last 1 months for Chinese.
    My Chinese teacher taught me Chinese in Chinese, but they explained about difficult grammar or sentences in English. My classmates were from Thailand and India, so we helped each other in English when we had questions. We could communicate in English trying to use Chinese words. That was (a) very good point for me because I think this helped me a lot to to increase my English ability, not only Chinese.

    I could also meet many Japanese (here).
    For me, I think I couldn't enjoy my time in Singapore if my Japanese friends were not kind to me.

    And there is also (an) important thing to say... inlingua has many opportunities to communicate with your teachers in addition to lessons. All of them are really kind to students. The Receptionists and Admissions Executives too. For example, they told me how to take a bus or about good restaurants in Singapore.

    Singapore has many good places to visit, there are very tasty food and people have great energy. It's a good place to learn language. If possible, I'd like to go back to Singapore and inlingua right now.

    inlingua gave me a great opportunity to meet and communicate with many people from many countries. It's my lifetime treasure.

    KOTOHA | Full-Time English and Chinese Course | 

    In three months, I learnt a lot about Chinese culture and customs apart from nuances of the Chinese language. Friendly and helpful teachers and support staff, a liberal study atmosphere and an extremely well-structured course all added up to a wonderful study experience.

    The well-defined lessons and appropriate assessment sessions considerably simplified my learning experience (even for someone like me - with no significant background in the subject), but even better was the perceptible change in my attitude towards learning that I felt throughout the course.

    I strongly recommend any prospective student to pursue a program at inlingua singapore because I believe it will bring about a remarkable change in perspective and attitudes towards learning, which will stand them in good stead all trough their future endeavours in life.

    I thoroughly enjoyed my study here and wish to thank everyone for making it such a memorable one.

    SATHYA | Intensive Chinese Course | 

    quotation-markThe Chinese class is highly conversational and interactive. Every student will get a chance to speak up in class and practice what they have learned. This way, I eliminated my fear of speaking a foreign language and become more confident in my Chinese. Overall, I have a very pleasant experience learning Chinese in inlingua!

    ADELINE | Chinese Course |   Source: Yago

    I am very grateful studying at inlingua (in) Singapore. I have a very good experience with (my) Chinese teacher, staff and environment here. Thank you all for being part of my good time here.

    NATHIYAH | Full-Time Chinese Course | 

    quotation-markI attended 2 mandarin modules at Inlingua nearby Somerset MRT. The courses were taught in small groups and the teachers made it really interactive, fun and easy to learn. The class usually begins with a revision of the last one and you have to do exercices at home for the next one so that you progress quite quickly through the different topics covered in a module. Studying material contain exercices, texts and vocabulary list. Pros: not too expensive, small groups, fun Cons: wish the material was richer in content and that an audio CD was provided to practise at home

    EMERIC | Part-Time Chinese Course |   Source: Yago

    Loved the course and learnt lots. Very good course material and great teachers. I cant wait to practise what Ive learnt on my next trip to China!

    MARIANNE | Part-Time Chinese Course |   Source: Yago