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  • German

    My German teacher, Stephanie, was very approachable and helpful. She was willing to answer all questions to the best of her abilities and also made sure the whole class understood the teaching material before carrying on with new material.

    Ryan S. | Part-Time German Course | 

    quotation-markThe 1-1 Classes were very helpful and the teachers are patient and understanding. They can adjust to your personal needs very easily. Thank you!

    SIDDARTH SREERAM | Individual 1:1 German Course | 

    Not much contact with the school apart from the lecturer, which I found to be very helpful and good.

    SHEAU ING | Part-Time German Course | 

    quotation-markI like the fact that it focuses more on speaking first. And the course is taught by native-speaker, which helps in understanding both the language and the culture.

    ERNY | Part-Time German Course | 

    I am taking the elementary German part-time course at Inlingua. It's very engaging and interactive and I'm pretty impressed with the way they teach! I have taken language courses at other schools, but I feel this is the only school that teaches me to speak a language well, on top of merely knowing to write/read it. During lessons, we are always being asked to engage in conversation with the teacher/our classmates. I estimate that each student in my class is asked to speak up about 15 -20 times per lesson. Also, because there is a cap on the class size, the teacher is able to give his attention to every single one of us students and correct our pronunciations individually. Which is very helpful! I would definitely recommend this school!

    MEICHUN | Part-Time German Course | 

    quotation-markSoon to complete my second module of the German language course, I'm happy to say that I enjoy my classes and I like my German language teacher - Sabine. She is a good teacher and is very friendly and helpful, which makes the learning experience fun and beneficial for all of us in class. I'm glad I have chosen inlingua and I believed my classmates would say the same too!

    LING LING | Part-Time German Course | 

    The school is located at a very convenient location and the courses are priced reasonably. The timings of the classes are good and Inlingua offers more variety in terms of the frequency of classes. My two German teachers are pleasant. They speak minimal English, which is good because it makes you think in the foreign language you are learning. They could do with better facilities, perhaps at the very least, set up a water dispenser in place for their students.

    NAJIAH | Part-Time German Course |