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    Learning a new foreign language, especially as a working adult, is challenging. Nevertheless, the staff has made my learning journey so much more pleasant. The premise and the logistics provided also provided me a conducive environment to explore the new language with ease.

    Ms Linh, my Vietnamese instructor, often went beyond the normal stipulated official hours to try to get me to converse in my new-found language. To me, this is important as picking a new language requires more consistent practice to allow the retention to move beyond the short-term memory. Her teaching methodology has allowed me to pick up this difficult language easier. Her creativity and enthusiasm in teaching has also made the daily 6 hours lessons much more bearable. The introduction of learning the language through songs and culture also allows one to retain the language better.

    The teacher is also sensitive to moderating the pace of learning for the student. She is able to sense when the student can take in newer concepts or when the student is already saturated. Her teaching method is therefore not dogmatic and this flexibility allows the student to progress at his/her own pace.

    I have learned much from the Vietnamese course provided by inlingua; beyond just the syntax and the Vietnamese language principles. I have been given a better insight into the culture and psyche of the Vietnamese of today, which will be very helpful in my future work.

    Tan E. | Full-Time Vietnamese Course | 

     Mrs Teh (is) very good.

    Wong K. W. | Part-time Vietnamese Course | 

    Learning a foreign language is a challenging task...

    but the school and the teachers make it simple for us to understand...(special recommendation to Teacher Linh).

    Learning the language from.. [native speakers] is one of the key points why I chose inlingua. Thank you!

    Maurice | Part-time Vietnamese Course | 

     I want to say a big “thank you” to our Vietnamese teacher and the other staff at inlingua. Our teacher sparked our interest in Vietnamese and made each class very enjoyable through games and interaction. Furthermore, she is a native speaker and is able to educate us about how the various parts of Vietnam have different slang (e.g Hanoi vs HCM).

    In addition, she is very patient, encouraging and always approachable (even outside lesson time) whenever we have any questions. The classes are not too large and allowed the teacher to focus on each and every student. The course is structured and the materials provided are good for revision

    TH | Part-time Vietnamese Course | 

    To pick up a new language can be very challenging from my previous experiences. However, inlingua has changed my perspective. The interactive and passionate teaching by Linh has made learning much more enjoyable, classroom facilities are also well maintained with great accessibility...right in town... Highly recommended!

    Benny Kong | Part-time Vietnamese Course |