13 Oct 2021
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At inlingua, we have two solutions for learners who can’t attend lessons in-person at our centre: virtual lessons and hybrid lessons.

For groups that have decided to learn online, virtual lessons using Zoom or Microsoft Teams work very well. Virtual courses have the same interactivity and engagement as face-to-face courses but with the convenience of being able to join from anywhere.

However, learners from face-to-face courses may be sick at home but still well enough to attend online. It’s usually best for all learners to be enjoying the same mode of lesson interaction, but to keep the learner at home from missing out, we can try hybrid lessons: a mix of online and face-to-face learners in the same session.


Hybrid lessons

Teachers will be able to conduct lessons with cameras in the classroom to connect online learners with what’s happening in the classroom with a view of the teacher, shared images, and PowerPoints as well as being able to see and hear the face-to-face participants and vice versa. 

The teacher will also be able to manage interactive activities between online and face-to-face learners, so online learners won’t be stuck just observing. 

So, stay safe healthy—but if you’re going to miss a session, contact us and see what other options you have to keep learning!

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