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Take an online course with us and learn a language in an engaging and effective way. We design dynamic and interactive courses that allow you to achieve your language learning goals without compromise. From the comfort of your home, or wherever you are.

Online courses

Work on your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills together with other learners with similar goals, or in your own online class with a private teacher.

Whether you want to improve your conversational skills or pass a language proficiency exam, our online courses are designed to support you with interactive activities and personalised feedback to meet your needs. Apply for an online course in any of the languages we teach.

Online language lessons

Blended courses

Boost your learning with a mix of online study and face-to-face instruction.

Blended courses offer the opportunity to learn independently using one of our e-learning platforms and attend regular online or face-to-face lessons to receive direct feedback on your progress. Learn at your pace, receive personalised support, and focus on your success in any of the languages we teach.

Dynamic English

Experience an engaging and motivating approach to learning English that allows you to learn independently at your own pace. With over 25 million users worldwide, DynEd English is a study application that uses adaptive learning to customize your learning and help you progress more quickly. Improve your English skills and earn an internationally recognised certificate for just $75 a month.

DynEd English online learning app
inlingua online learning app

inlingua my.lab.

Learning a language with inlingua my.lab is great fun. Personalised learning paths allow you to progress at your own speed and interactive language exercises ensure you stay motivated. Receive immediate feedback on your answers, earn points for correct answers, and review grammar and vocabulary according to your needs. Available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish for only $50 month.

Learn from expert teachers

Our online courses are facilitated by expert teachers who are able to maximise technology to ensure the effectiveness of your learning.

They will support you with a personalised study plan and give you direct feedback to help you accelerate your progress.

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Each course has different learning objectives that increase in difficulty according to your level of competence. Our teachers are trained in the communicative approach, an approach to language teaching that emphasises interaction and the use of language in real-life situations. We help you practice listening, speaking, reading and writing so that you can develop the full range of language skills.

You can find out more about inlingua’s approach to learning here.

We use the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) to define our language levels, and our courses are offered from Beginner to Mastery level.

A0 – Beginner
A1 – Elementary
A2 – Pre-Intermediate
B1 – Intermediate
B2 – Upper Intermediate
C1 – Advanced
C2 – Mastery

Find out more about our levels, or take a free placement test with us.

We keep our class sizes small so that we can maximise your opportunities for interaction and participation. Typically, we have about 6 students per class, although we can accommodate class sizes from 4 to 15.

A lesson usually lasts about 2 hours — each hour comprises 50-minutes of class time followed by a 10-minute break.

The price for course materials can cost as little as S$15 whereas others cost more. We use a variety of course books and materials from our publishers and charge for them separately as some books can be used across multiple courses. You can check the materials cost for your course with one of our course advisors.

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Due to new policies, our courses are no longer SkillsFuture claimable. We’re working on delivering more SkillsFuture claimable courses soon.

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