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Stepping stones to a bright future

At inlingua, we create opportunities for your child to develop language and life skills to prepare for the future. Our young learner courses help bring language to life and will inspire your child to aim higher and become a confident and capable individual.


For ages 6 to 8

Guide your child in their transition from preschooler to student. Give them the language and social skills needed to interact with other children and become an active participant.

Language courses for very young learners
Language courses for children


For ages 8 to 10

Empower your child with more autonomy to improve their language and study skills. Provide support for fluent reading and writing to succeed in more complex tasks.

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For ages 11 to 13

Give your child confidence and motivation for the next stage of language learning. Supplement your child’s language lessons at school and encourage lifelong learning.

Language courses for teenagers

Learn from expert teachers

Our courses for young learners are facilitated by expert teachers who create a safe environment for your child to experiment and push boundaries. We develop thinking skills, promote independence and support your child with our utmost care.

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