Taking care of you

So you can focus on what’s important, we have prepared for your arrival by implementing a number of strict COVID prevention measures, including safe-distancing, face mask and shields for teachers and a thorough classroom disinfection routine. Read more about our safety policies so that you can be ready to start your learning.


We practise safe-distancing measures by limiting the number of students in one classroom and by keeping seats one metre apart.

Face masks and shields

Face masks are to be worn by all students and teachers at all times while on our premises.

Bottled water

We have closed our shared water dispensers temporarily to limit the spread of the coronavirus. Bottled water is available for purchase at our reception counter. However, we encourage you to bring your own filled reusable water bottles to avoid unnecessary disposal of single-use plastics.

Disinfection routine

We ensure that your classrooms are ready for learning by thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting our tables, chairs, doorknobs, switches, and other high-touch surfaces.