inlingua School of Languages

Placement Test

New students to the school, who are not complete beginners in the language they wish to study, are given a Placement Test before joining a class. This is to ensure that they are placed in a course at an appropriate level to match their learning needs.

Placement tests are made of 2 components:

Written Placement Test

The written placement test is designed to assess your linguistic competence: how well you know your grammar!

The following test can be taken online or directly here at the school. The tests are free of charge. Click on the language of your choice below to take the test now:

Oral Placement Test

The oral placement test is designed to test your communicate competence: how well you express yourself in the target language. Please note that:
  • Oral placement tests for full-time students are generally conducted on the first day of the course. Full-time students are required to come 1 hour before the lesson starts.
  • Oral placement tests for part-time students and students enrolling in our Individual Tuition programmes must be booked in advance. Oral placement tests are available in all the languages we teach.
Contact us today to book an oral placement test free of charge.

Please note that different levels are available for different languages. Visit the specific language page to find out more.