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Medical Insurance Coverage

The inlingua School of Languages Pte Ltd has put in place a Medical Insurance Policy under which all its full-time students will be insured by Group Hospital & Surgical Insurance. The group hospital & surgical insurance is an expense reimbursement plan with an annual limit of S$20,000 that helps to reduce the financial burden of the insured student in the event of him/her needing to be hospitalized in a government or restructured hospital.

- The following provides details about the group medical insurance coverage.
- The inlingua School of Languages Pte Ltd will include students in the group medical insurance policy with NTUC Income upon collection of course fees.
- Insured students will receive a copy of the product summary and FAQ stating the policy’s terms and conditions, the claims procedure and exclusion information, etc.
- The insured period is for the entire duration of the programme as stated in the course outline/schedule provided during admission. Students who seek deferment or re-enrolment resulting in an extension of the programme’s duration will have to pay additional medical insurance fees applicable to and charged by the insurer for the extended period.
- An insured student will not be covered by group hospital & surgical insurance if he/she is out of Singapore for a period exceeding ninety (90) consecutive days.
- An insured overseas student will not be covered by group hospital & surgical insurance once the Student Pass is cancelled by the Immigration & Checkpoint Authority (ICA).
- Pre-existing illness will not be covered.
- Singaporean/PR students are exempted from the insurance coverage if they are already covered by their own medical insurance plan.
- Part-time students are not covered by medical insurance. They are advised to purchase their own insurance.

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