inlingua School of Languages

Students’ Support Services

inlingua School of Languages offers a range of support services, advice and assistance to help students make the most of their time while studying in Singapore.


The Orientation is an opportunity to meet other students and blend into the international multicultural environment of the School. During this Orientation, students will be given relevant information to understand the way we work and how to adapt easily to the education system in Singapore. This is especially essential for all Full-Time students with Student Pass.

Some topics covered during the orientation will include:
  • Introduction of the school’s culture and regulations
  • Overview of the course details (timetable, duration, assessment and award criteria)
  • Explanation of important policies and procedures
  • You are also encouraged to raise any questions that you may have regarding the School and/or studying in Singapore.

Academic Support

  • On-line test: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish
  • inlingua on-line test at to test your English, French, German, Italian and Spanish
  • inlingua placement test: oral and written
  • Course timetable/ Course outline available through Reception and Students’ Noticeboard
  • All Course Books and Training Materials are provided free of charge
  • Academic counselling
  • Loan of Penguin readers for MEGA and MAXI students, graded series
  • Loan of listening material for MEGA and MAXI students, graded series
  • Small rooms available for individual tuition and self-study
  • Supplementary materials available through Reception

Administrative Support

  • Student orientation programme
  • Student orientation programme
  • AXA Limited medical insurance, covering hospitalization (B2 ward) and surgery due to accident up to $20,000
  • Student Pass application submission
  • Recommend and arrangement of extended stay, hostel or hotel accommodation
  • Airport transfers
  • Fee Protection Scheme / Tuition Fee Insurance with certificate
  • Understanding relevant Singapore Laws
  • First Aid Kit available through Reception
  • Toilets, handicapped toilets, wheelchair access and wheelchair parking lot available
  • Minibus transportation available through Reception
  • Qualified pastoral counsellor available through Reception
  • Hygiene guidelines on Reception notice board
  • Awareness of Environmental Issues

Social Activity Support